Sometimes the asked-for tyranny of the masturbation schedule can feel like a weight. Sometimes it is difficult to snap myself into masturbation mode.

Porn helps.

However, as a cis/het woman, it is monumentally difficult to find porn that doesn’t–on some level–feel a little degrading. I understand, in the realm of fantasy, things are a lot more grey than black and white. The vegan dreams of blood baths, and the virgin dreams of depravities that might make de Sade blush. A little.

I am a sub-. It is all about the exchange of power. I know that some of the things that I enjoy are extremely upsetting to some people. But none of it is done without my permission, no matter what it looks like.

This is why I like They are, as far as I know, as egalitarian and consent-based as a company can be. I admire their transparency through legal troubles and controversy. I can watch porn from them and be pretty sure that everyone wants to be there, and wants what is happening to happen.

And that, actually, is the real turn-on.


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