Spring Cold

Handing over power to Sir, part of a new paradigm after years together, is different than people who start out looking for power exchange. I think we slid more easily into negotiating on the fly because we already have a common language. We have shared experiences joyous, tragic, and wonderfully mundane.

I believe that relationships are built in the little moments of life. I know that when I think of my most treasured relationships, the memories I hoard for myself are the most unguarded and powerful. Folding laundry, cooking dinner, sitting on the sofa–these are what relationships are. The sex is powerful, but it is the emotional bond; the shared history and intimacies, that draw people together and help them stay together.

It is what makes emotional intimacy so scary.

Sir and I continue to negotiate that attachment to each other, with added power dynamics. It’s a damn good thing we love each other so much, and that we are both pretty stubborn.

It’s one hell of a ride, and I love sharing it with Sir.


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