I have been ill lately. Nothing major, just a head cold. But goodness, it can take a lot out of you. Not least of which is the energy spent explaining to people that it will run its course in about a week, and managing my comfort is the best thing I can do.

Everyone has a cold cure. Oddly, they all seem to take about a week to restore health.

Because I have been ailing, regular house rules have been suspended until I feel better.

Yesterday, as Sir left the house, I asked for permission to have an orgasm. He said that I could, but that I had to prime myself twice before coming. A Danger-Double and then masturbate to orgasm.

At 20:27 last night, I started by watching a little porn.

At 20:44, I turned on the vibrator.

One…back off.

Two…back off.

Oh fuck. Three. I saw stars.

By 20:53, I was texting Sir to thank him.



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