It is no masturbation Thursday. This makes everything just little more sensual. There is a YouTube video of Hermes scarves…

I imagine being tethered with silk scarves. They aren’t tight, but simply looped and draped. The most effective restraint is my compliance. That is the biggest turn-on, too. Sir makes me feel safely nervous.

“Heels apart,” he says. I widen my knees. He stops and looks. I feel both profoundly uncomfortable and immensely appreciated. It feels weird to be stared at, yet I want to be seen.

I feel the wetness gathering. About to spill over. Sir drags his finger through the moisture. He wipes it off on my thigh.

“Close your eyes.” I do. I cannot help but strain a little to hear his movements. That is why it is so surprising when he misdirects my attention, then


with the zapper. I yelp.

“Good girl,” he says.


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