A Slight Seduction

I pinch my nipples before stepping into the shower. It is Two-Fer Tuesday. I am treating myself to a bit of slow self-seduction before going for the second set.

The water is warm. I tweak the spigot, and the water goes deliciously hot. There is a minute of further adjusting. I splorch some soap into my flannel, and scrub it down my arms. The scratchy, slippery warm feel of the fabric feels like my skin waking up.

I shiver.

I rush through the rest of my shower, suddenly impatient to be dry and kneeling next to my favourite toys.

I text Sir that I am done with my shower. I take care of some mundane things. Then I finally settle, ready to play.

I turn on the vibrator and press it against my clit. Within moments, I’m arched and coming. I wrench the vibrator away; over-stimulated and over-sensitive.

My breath rasps in the quiet afternoon.

I touch the vibrator to my clit again. This orgasm is going to be shy, I can feel it.

Oh. There it is.

Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir.


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