Welcome Home

I am on my knees in the foyer. A condom is stashed in my bra. I am ready, and waiting, per Sir’s instructions a couple of hours earlier.

I am feeling…. When I get home, I want you to suck my cock before you remove my shoes.

I saw his car drive up. I shut down the television, and headed to the front hall. Sir opens the door. He smiles. It is infectious, and I grin back. I reach up and push his waistcoat aside. I undo his belt, pull down the zipper. I pull his cock out.

And into my mouth. I enjoy feeling the hardness increase as I suck in. Sir gasps and I grin as much as I can with his cock in my mouth. I hand up the condom, and Sir opens the package. He gets it over the crown and I take over. I push the condom down with my mouth. (There is a first time for everything!) He hits the back of my throat, and I swallow. Try to relax.

I wrap my hand around his cock and suck until I hear Sir come.

“Welcome home, Sir.”


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