I just finished masturbating. Twice for two climaxes. It was a messy one. Even now, I am kind of surprised when I squirt. Clean up is easy. I managed to not splash the computer so it feels like a win.

There comes a point where I know that a particularly exuberant orgasm is going to happen. The release feels insane. I am more likely to babble. May as well enjoy the ride.

My favourite toy lends itself to uro-genital tract stimulation. That, along with the vibrator, means that I am always half-waiting to see if there is going to be a splash.

Today, that was a yes. Not a lot, and less for the second orgasm, but still…

Kneeling on the floor is the best way for squirting orgasms to happen; easy to clean up and no one has to sleep in the wet spot.



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