Always There

Subtle ways to play… Sir has a very busy couple of months ahead. This is a time when reality takes precedence over play. That does not mean that the play stops; it gets more subtle. Little things that remind me; Sir pulling me off balance, slightly, when he helps me up after replacing the house […]


Tuesdays are fun. That is two orgasms, twice, over the course of the day. It is wonderful when I do not have any plans. However, lately, I have been doing some volunteer work on Tuesday mornings. It is interesting how something like that, just a few hours, can alter how my day works. I am […]


“That’s not a request,” Sir wrote on his note to me. I am being ordered to take it easy today–and it is difficult. There are many things that I should be doing. The way our BDSM fits into our lives is organic. There is negotiation, but it seems to go on all the time. I […]

Ouch. But Not Fun Kind.

That terrible feeling, when you know that having an orgasm might help relieve this horrible sinus headache, and it is Two-Fer Tuesday. But, somehow, the brain pain is winning. Watching porn is difficult through squinting eyes. Reading porn is about the same. Sexy thoughts? *laughter* All I can think of is how much it would […]

Early-Morning Scene

I woke up this morning because Sir had his hand on my hip, gently shaking me. “Wake up. Where are my collar stays for today’s shirt?” I dragged myself into being awake and thinking. Downstairs, I tried to remember where I had put the new collar stays. Were they on the table? No. On the […]


Sir changed up yesterday’s masturbation assignment. I was out of town for a week and could not/did not keep to the schedule. Six orgasms. Six, counted out and with a “Thank you, Sir,” text. The first three were easy. I had not had an orgasm in over a week. Number four was a bit of […]