Sir changed up yesterday’s masturbation assignment. I was out of town for a week and could not/did not keep to the schedule.

Six orgasms. Six, counted out and with a “Thank you, Sir,” text. The first three were easy. I had not had an orgasm in over a week. Number four was a bit of a fight; I was pulling out all the porn and all the toys. There is something magical about putting a ball gag on oneself and having that be The Thing that finally tips you over.

Number five felt like I was scraping the barrel. And number six, well, it was more of a shiver than an earthquake.

Assignments like these are really interesting. Having to have so many in a comparatively short time reminds me that every orgasm is lovely, and every orgasm is different. Some are big and loud. Some are a simple release and relaxation.

Now for today’s Two-Fer Tuesday. Two orgasms! Whee!


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