Early-Morning Scene

I woke up this morning because Sir had his hand on my hip, gently shaking me.

“Wake up. Where are my collar stays for today’s shirt?” I dragged myself into being awake and thinking.

Downstairs, I tried to remember where I had put the new collar stays. Were they on the table? No. On the bookshelf? No. I kept bouncing between the two as I tried to think of where they might be.

Aha! With a mix of hope and “Oh shit, what if I’m wrong, where am I going to look now?” I opened my sewing case. Are those…?

Oh yes. Hallelujah. Collar stays. I threaded them into Sir’s collar, so he can look pulled together today.

“Thank you, Honey,” he said, then bent me over in front of him. The pressure of his hand kept me in place as he reached over for a cane. I put my hands on my knees to help me stay up, but crouched. Sir pulled up my nightgown and delivered several swats on my ass.

It hurt. Of course it hurt. I was a bit startled by my calm shift into Scene mode–but I liked it.

Sir sent me back to bed. I lay there, for a little while, feeling the thin welts on my skin.


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