It’s Hot

It is really warm out. Summer has finally reached our cloudy shores. I kneel on the mat in my spot. I am naked except for a house collar. My arms are lightly bound behind me. The breeze from the oscillating fan is a welcome relief from the sweat sliding down my skin. “Close your eyes,” […]


Sir is on another business trip. Short, but busy. My tasks? Last week it was oiling and smoothing the paddle that Sir made for me. This week, it is cleaning and maintenance on his favourite pocket knife. Both were done, as well as texting requests for permission to remove the house collar as I ran […]

Sir is Coming Home

Today is busy. I asked for permission to remove the house collar for a trip to the shops. When I finished that, the front lawn and its alarming dandelion population explosion needed mowing. Then a shower. Ahhh. Shower. After my shower, I asked Sir what his preference would be for today’s house collar. He said […]

A Day Late

…And several dollars short. Sir is out of town this week, on business. The whole dom-at-a-distance is an extension of our regular lives, but it seems to make some mental difference to me. As though there is some higher measure of submission in obeying from afar. I don’t know. I know that he is busy. […]


I have PornHub on in the background. Just the sounds from’s San Francisco Armory/porn studio/community center moaning and yelling (Bonus sounds of whips and chains and vibrators!) interspersed with begging and “Yes, Sirs!”, “Please may I come, Sirs?!” ┬áIt is kind of hot. We pay so much attention to the visual titillation of porn. […]


Sir and I had some woodworking to do. I do not have a lot of recent experience using bigger power tools, and that is a shame. To the basement! Sir planned out how to make the things, set the tools up, and let me rip. It was a very user-friendly re-introduction to noisy tools. Routers […]


A long, slow drip of moisture rolls down my inner thigh. I shift, self-conscious. I stand in a check-out line at the grocery store. Sir has said that wearing a toy while running errands is his pleasure today. It has been a while since I have been sent out with a toy. My muscles are […]