It’s Hot

It is really warm out. Summer has finally reached our cloudy shores.

I kneel on the mat in my spot. I am naked except for a house collar. My arms are lightly bound behind me. The breeze from the oscillating fan is a welcome relief from the sweat sliding down my skin.

“Close your eyes,” he says. I do, glad that I can be trusted to obey. It is too hot for a blindfold. I hear him moving the fabric of his kilt. “Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue.”

I do.

I feel him move closer. I anticipate the feel of his cock in my mouth, and raise my chin a bit. I feel wetness gathering, threatening to spill over, in my cunt.

Sir  s l o w l y  slides an icy-cold popsicle into my mouth. “Here’s a way to cool you down, and amuse me.” Then, with the popsicle,  he mimics the thrusting of an eager cock. It is kind of ridiculous, and kind of hot. I am all in.

Greedy slurps and happy gasps. Then he pulls it out. I wait, mouth open, eyes closed.

His cock slides into my mouth, and I almost come.


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