Welcome Home

I am on my knees in the foyer. A condom is stashed in my bra. I am ready, and waiting, per Sir’s instructions a couple of hours earlier. I am feeling…. When I get home, I want you to suck my cock before you remove my shoes. I saw his car drive up. I shut […]


I take Sir into my mouth. He lets his breath out, and I know I am on the right path. We are relaxed, happy. Talking a little. Laughing. I love hearing his breathing change and catch as I suck his cock. His voice encourages me. I roll a condom on, and take him in my mouth […]


I stand at the foot of the bed. “Strip,” Sir says. I do. “Hands and knees on the bed,” I do. “Move up.” I do. “Close your eyes.” I hear the toy bag opening and the *snap* of the electric zapper. Sir had me bring it to the bedroom. I am both excited and scared. […]


I kneel on the floor. Halfway between sitting on my heels and simply kneeling; Sir has put me into a stress position. I hope I can hang on, but my quads are shaking. I really need to get my butt in gear and start exercising regularly. Hmph. BDSM as an exercise enhancer/enabler?  Sir hands me a […]


I went running the other morning, while Sir had other obligations. When I came back home, Sir was in his office. I knocked on the door, and asked permission to enter. “Come in,” he said. I walked in. Dropped to my knees. He was wearing his kilt. “I had a good run, Sir,” I said. […]

Getting Back to Home

Sir came home from his trip late (very late) last night. It was a pleasure to serve him. Getting him comfortable, giving him a massage, doing my best to let him know–through my actions–how happy I am that he is home. This morning, Sir had me greet his cock with a proper welcome home; i.e. […]