It’s Hot

It is really warm out. Summer has finally reached our cloudy shores. I kneel on the mat in my spot. I am naked except for a house collar. My arms are lightly bound behind me. The breeze from the oscillating fan is a welcome relief from the sweat sliding down my skin. “Close your eyes,” […]


A long, slow drip of moisture rolls down my inner thigh. I shift, self-conscious. I stand in a check-out line at the grocery store. Sir has said that wearing a toy while running errands is his pleasure today. It has been a while since I have been sent out with a toy. My muscles are […]

Minor Smut III

I try to relax, but what he is doing tenses me up. The more tense I am, the more likely I am to come without permission. He toys with my asshole; stimulating. Anticipation and a little fear slither into my mind. I breathe through it, willing myself to relax. Over and over, he slides his […]

Minor Smut II

I breathe out as he slides in. And stops. My hips hitch, slightly. He pinches my ass, hard, and I gasp. He pulls back out almost all the way, and slowly moves back in. He holds in place for a moment. Then he is driving into me and all I can do is brace myself. […]

Mini-Smut I

I wait on the floor, on my hands and knees. He has been looking at me for a long time. I do not know how long, because I am looking at a blank wall. Not even a bookcase to distract myself with reading the titles. “Wider.” I dutifully spread my knees a little further apart. […]

A Short Tale

Fully fantasy; written in the third person She slumps against the whipping cross braces. Her skin is slick with sweat. She is quiet. Lost in her own place. Sir has finally laid down the flogger. She breathes, knowing that her physical self is under someone else’s care. Sir has a vested interest in keeping her […]


It is no masturbation Thursday. This makes everything just little more sensual. There is a YouTube video of Hermes scarves… I imagine being tethered with silk scarves. They aren’t tight, but simply looped and draped. The most effective restraint is my compliance. That is the biggest turn-on, too. Sir makes me feel safely nervous. “Heels […]