I just finished masturbating. Twice for two climaxes. It was a messy one. Even now, I am kind of surprised when I squirt. Clean up is easy. I managed to not splash the computer so it feels like a win. There comes a point where I know that a particularly exuberant orgasm is going to happen. […]


I have been ill lately. Nothing major, just a head cold. But goodness, it can take a lot out of you. Not least of which is the energy spent explaining to people that it will run its course in about a week, and managing my comfort is the best thing I can do. Everyone has […]

Two Times Tuesday

I’ve just come, twice. In quick succession. The toys have been washed up and put away. The aftermath of intense G-spot stimulation means that there is a bit of clean-up to do.  All the squirting. Gracious. I am on my hands and knees, cleaning myself from the floor. Everything is still feeling kind of tingly […]


I lie in bed, slowly waking up. Neighbourhood sounds filter through the walls and windows. The sky is grey and rain falls. I hear the watery growl of a car going by. Further away, I hear tug boats tootling at each other as they work in the port. I am wrapped in softness and warmth. […]

Tuesday Twos

Today is two orgasms, in a row.  Twice. At least twice, that is. It is early afternoon, and I have yet to get to my first set. I know that writing this will get my head going in the right direction. This is a sort of exhibitionism. Even as I write, my head is already […]

Injured Reserve

Frustration level: HIGH I pulled a bunch of muscles last week. I pulled the hell out of them. It seems as if they are taking forever to heal. The closest I’ve been able to get to sexy-times is in reading my extensive collection of porn. Erotica. Pornotica.  Sir has excused me from my masturbation schedule until […]

Masturbation Mishap

I hurt myself masturbating. It is a peculiar skill that I have. My clitoral hood is pierced, and a vibrator pushed up against the jewelry can pinch the skin. If the vibrator isn’t moved or adjusted, it can actually break the skin. I managed to do that to myself recently. Sir says that he enjoys […]