Early-Morning Scene

I woke up this morning because Sir had his hand on my hip, gently shaking me. “Wake up. Where are my collar stays for today’s shirt?” I dragged myself into being awake and thinking. Downstairs, I tried to remember where I had put the new collar stays. Were they on the table? No. On the […]

Tab B>Slot A

During my errands, Sir had me put in a Kegel exerciser. It has been a while since I have had to negotiate my day like that. It was both arousing and funny. Lying back on our bed to insert the Kegel balls, lube at the ready, took a bit of effort. Getting them seated well […]


Sir has me kneeling on a kitchen chair. I am painfully aware of the open curtains throwing light on my slightly reddened, bare ass. I am tied to the chair, utterly dependent on Sir’s care and concern for me. “Count down from 30, Honey. By twos. In Italian. With a ‘Thank you, Sir.’” My mind […]


I kneel on the floor. Halfway between sitting on my heels and simply kneeling; Sir has put me into a stress position. I hope I can hang on, but my quads are shaking. I really need to get my butt in gear and start exercising regularly. Hmph. BDSM as an exercise enhancer/enabler?  Sir hands me a […]


*Heightened Reality are entries that are fantasy versions of actual play. There is always some truth in the mix… Sir has texted me. He is on his way home. I am up to my elbows in dishes, wet crumbs, and soapy water. I finish washing the dishes–the rule is that there are no dishes in […]

Device Bondage

Sir has been watching device bondage videos. They have given him Ideas. I am both excited and nervous. Sir enjoys my nervous anticipation, I believe. Recently, Sir had me kneel facing the back on a dining chair. He attached his leather braces to the chair rung, and pulled me forward to clip the braces to […]


Sir got a new toy to go along with the ball gag. He got a TAZapper. It delivers a snap of power–not too strong–but enough to get one’s attention. My first encounter with the zapper was during our San Francisco Armory tour. The tour guide pulled one out as we checked out the prop warehouse. […]