It has been busy at home and everywhere. Sir has a lot of responsibilities and obligations to uphold right now. I am busy being back up for him as well as continuing my own projects, hobbies, and work. Life is like that sometimes. I have realised that I miss that sort of deep soreness that […]


Sir has tasked me with writing every Tuesday and every Thursday. This has been really helpful for my internalising the craft of writing. There is nothing better than having to write when you feel as if there is nothing left in the buffer; that is the craft. Today is being particularly annoying. Sir helped. I […]


I shift in my seat. I have been off Sir’s masturbation schedule because of the heat and other things. Of course today, when it is no-masturbation Thursday, that ol’ sex drive starts waking up. It does not help that my steady diet of recreational reading is mostly pornographic. I like paranormal porn, what can I […]


It is summer in these parts. It has been so warm that my sex life has been one purely of imagination and reading. Which makes writing about them difficult. Even in fantasy mode, it is difficult to write about impact play, bondage, and other games because I am distracted by the warmth and heat. Normally, […]


Sir is on another business trip. Short, but busy. My tasks? Last week it was oiling and smoothing the paddle that Sir made for me. This week, it is cleaning and maintenance on his favourite pocket knife. Both were done, as well as texting requests for permission to remove the house collar as I ran […]

A Day Late

…And several dollars short. Sir is out of town this week, on business. The whole dom-at-a-distance is an extension of our regular lives, but it seems to make some mental difference to me. As though there is some higher measure of submission in obeying from afar. I don’t know. I know that he is busy. […]


I am on the sofa. It is late morning. It is the weekend. It has been days since I have had an orgasm. To be honest, I kind of forgot. Sir is so busy between his work and his other activities, that I feel selfish asking for his attention beyond cuddling and other, not overtly […]