Minor Smut II

I breathe out as he slides in. And stops. My hips hitch, slightly. He pinches my ass, hard, and I gasp. He pulls back out almost all the way, and slowly moves back in. He holds in place for a moment. Then he is driving into me and all I can do is brace myself. […]

Mini-Smut I

I wait on the floor, on my hands and knees. He has been looking at me for a long time. I do not know how long, because I am looking at a blank wall. Not even a bookcase to distract myself with reading the titles. “Wider.” I dutifully spread my knees a little further apart. […]

A Short Tale

Fully fantasy; written in the third person She slumps against the whipping cross braces. Her skin is slick with sweat. She is quiet. Lost in her own place. Sir has finally laid down the flogger. She breathes, knowing that her physical self is under someone else’s care. Sir has a vested interest in keeping her […]


I just finished masturbating. Twice for two climaxes. It was a messy one. Even now, I am kind of surprised when I squirt. Clean up is easy. I managed to not splash the computer so it feels like a win. There comes a point where I know that a particularly exuberant orgasmĀ is going to happen. […]

Welcome Home

I am on my knees in the foyer. A condom is stashed in my bra. I am ready, and waiting, per Sir’s instructions a couple of hours earlier. I am feeling…. When I get home, I want you to suck my cock before you remove my shoes. I saw his car drive up. I shut […]

A Slight Seduction

I pinch my nipples before stepping into the shower. It is Two-Fer Tuesday. I am treating myself to a bit of slow self-seduction before going for the second set. The water is warm. I tweak the spigot, and the water goes deliciously hot. There is a minute of further adjusting. I splorch some soap into […]

Out of Town

As I walk, my bra irritates my nipple. It is the thrilliest thing I have felt in the past few days. Travelling really takes a lot of my energy; staying calm in the face of delays, cancellations, and unexpected stumbling blocks is difficult. Sexytimes are *so* not on my mind.