It is Tuesday

I put real life aside for a short while.

My MagicWand and my nJoy stainless steel toy are waiting. I have cushioned the floor with a towel so my knees don’t get too sore. is queued up and ready to go.

It is Two-fer Tuesday. I am going to come two times in the next 10-15 minutes.

Select a likely bit of pr0n and…yes. That will do. Find the good parts…yes. Okay. Kneel on towel. Turn on MagicWand to get things started. Warm up the stainless steel toy with my mouth. The rhythmic sounds of kinky sex float out from my computer, adding to my excitement. I slide the nJoy in, deliberately going over my G-spot. I twitch. Then I feel that first orgasm coming on. I moan.

And it hits. Hard. I spasm and seize.

Number two.

I move the nJoy, rubbing it over my G-spot. My body is still sensitive. I jump a bit with each pass. The sounds of rough sex fill the air.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I say. And I clench. And I thrash. And I babble. And it feels so good and it’s too much and I want more and POW!

I text Sir. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”


~Now to go do that in real life…


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